The 9th Texas Today

Todays 9th Texas Infantry Regiment is a progressive style reenactment group, noted for its realistic portrayal of both Federal and Confederate soldiers during the period of 1860-1865.


This unit has been featured in film, several published articles, and appeared on the cover of Volume 1, Issue 1 of Civil War Historian magazine. While based out of the Dallas, Texas area, recruiting and members are from across the state of Texas. The organization also includes members from the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina and Oklahoma. The 9th Texas is affiliated with the Red River Battalion, the Mississippi Valley Brigade, the 1st Confederate Division, and the North/South Alliance. As a progressive reenactment group, the 9th Texas portrays the common soldier in both garrison and campaign style environments. Those interested in joining the 9th Texas or learning more about this unit are encouraged to contact our recruiter.